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Introducing Lessons With Luke

My approach to teaching has always been tailored to what the student would like to achieve. This usually ranges between helping a new student learn some of their favourite songs or starting them off at a beginners level to progressing intermediate players wanting to advance their skills in either improvisation or general guitar ability and knowledge of the instrument and the music.

Whatever the skill level or the level you require to reach, you'll have an interesting, insightful, fun time doing so as my passion for guitar and music usually surrounds others during teaching. 

Online Lessons
Online Lessons

Ideal for students studying from home or on the move with handheld devices and laptops. Lessons will be taught across the internet via video and audio link up.

Face to Face Learning
Face to Face Learning

Ideal for one to one lessons in Luke's studio in Congleton, Cheshire. Lessons will open a whole world of opportunities to the students whilst taught in a safe, comfortable and fun environment.

Luke Machin

Pricing Information

Online Lessons - £30 per hour / £15 per half hour

1-2-1 Lessons - £30 per hour / £15 per half hour


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Lessons With Luke

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Absolutely amazing teacher
2 months ago
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I have been having lessons with Luke for 2 years now. During that time he has taught me aspects of music theory (the modes in particular) and really honed in on my technique. I was surprised at how much you can actually do online, but Luke obviously has enough experience to see when you are doing something in a way that could be improved - even in online lessons. Despite being one of the best guitar players I have ever seen live or heard on record, Luke is super friendly and supportive, and always willing to find out what it is that you want to cover in a lesson, whether something more theoretical or perhaps a particular song or part you want to study, or perhaps refine a specific area of your technique. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I came to this as a reasonably experienced guitarist, but my playing has gone up a couple of divisions thanks to Luke's input. I have no doubt that, wherever you are coming from, Luke can make you a much better player. Do it!!!
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Skills that you can learn, improve upon and master

Guitar Techniques
Guitar Techniques

There are many techniques involved with guitar playing such as, legato, alternate picking, sweep picking, tapping and much more. You will learn techniques to fit within your area of music or to push the boundaries of your capabilities.

Bass Ability
Bass Ability

Groove, timing, pocket, melody, holding down the low-end are all things that I cover in teaching Bass Guitar. Bass holds an area in music and in frequency all to itself, in these lessons I’m going to show you how to learn and apply these things in real life musical situations.

Production Skills
Production Skills

If you are into music production and would like to advance your skills in creating a more professional mix with more clarity and depth then I can show you many building blocks to help get you started in professional music production.

Compositional Creativity
Compositional Creativity

Whether it’s stylistic songwriting, that’s composing in a genre you enjoy, creating parts on your instrument or dealing with aspects of creativity such as writers block, applying and structuring composition we have it all covered here.

General Music Accomplishment
General Music Accomplishment

This area covers everything in between such as, improvisation, ear-training, technical exercises, chord progressions, melody awareness, odd meters changes and dexterous approach.

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